fanxhe Team

Welcome to our blog, We're participating in Rails Girls Summer of code 2015 ,during this summer we'll be working
in the open source project Living Style Guide.
ThanksRails Girls
Great things are expecting for us this summer


Anyelina Moreno


Estefania Cano



Ignacio Galindo

Jonathan Tapia

Gilberto Villa


Katrin Kampfrath

Ramón Huidobro


Nico Hagenburger


Living Style Guide

M.Content Chief

Jen Geacone-Cruz

Coaching Company

Crowd Interactive


Victor Velazquez


What is Rails Girls Summer of Code?

Rails Girls is an organization aiming to give tools and a community for
women to understand technology and to build their ideas. Each year,
they organize a Summer of Code where participants can contribute to
existing open source projects supported by coaches, the project owners
as mentors, and of course core members of the organization.

Who are we?

We are two spanish girls currently living in Colima, Mexico. We both
have studied Social Work in different cities back in Spain. We came to
Colima for an internship and that’s how we met. We fell in love with the City.
We have been collaborating on different social projects. Now, we
are just about to kick off the next one: We are participating in this
year’s Rails Girls Summer of Code ! have we ended into the programming world?

Over a year ago, we were invited to attend a workshop by a local
community called Codificadas, now part of Women Who Code ,we have
found this initiative very interesting. Shortly after we attended a few
workshops, we started to think all day about programming,
programming and more programming! Soon we wanted to know more.
We thank Codificadas,for awakening our love for the
programming world.

What will we do?

We will be working in the open source project Living Style Guide,
mentored by Nico Hagenburger and Jennifer Geacone-Cruz. Living Style
Guide allows us to generate HTML style guides using SASS and

Our team

Our team will start working from July 1st until the end of September
from Crowd Interactive’s office. They have opened its doors to us and
offered the talent of its programmers. During this journey, Victor
will be our contact at Crowd Interactive, Ignacio Galindo and
Jonathan Tapia will be our coaches, and Katrin Kampfrath from Rails
Girls Summer of Code will be our supervisor.

What can you find here?

In this blog we want to share our learning process: how we started, the
tasks we are going to do and what we learn while doing them, the new
things we discover, how we feel about our learning process, the support
we receive from the team: coaches, coaching company, mentors,
supervisor, and of course Rails Girls - and the end results of our
Summer of Code.

This is the Fanxhe Team