var fanxheTeam = {
students: 'Fany', 'Anxhe',
coaches: 'Tapia', 'Nacho',
crowdContact: 'Vic',
coachCompany: 'Crowd Interactive',
supervisor: 'Katrin',
livingStyleGuide: 'Haguenburger', 'Jen',
team: function(){
return 'Fanxhe Team is : ' + this.students + ', ' + this.coaches + ', ' + this.crowdContact + ', ' + this.coachCompany + ', '
+ this.supervisor + ' ' + this.livingStyleGuide + ' ^_^';

A new day: the fourth day

Jul 6, 2015

We started the fourth day in Rails Girls SoC =)

We searched a photo cover for our blog’s list article view and later proceed with installing and testing the livingstyleguide gem by ourselves, we had generated a few style guides.

We created a team calendar with the weekly events. Then we had the daily standup with our coaches to clarify some doubts about the gem. Moreover, we scheduled a call with our mentor Nico, to talk about out first tasks and doubts.

Good news! Our coach company gets us the breakfast every day =) and many partners help and support us with all of our doubts and they teach us many concepts. Yes, they are awesome!

And lastly, we cleaned up our team blog code organization.

Ah! and as we’ve studied new concepts and code =)

      var students = ["Fany", "Anxhe"]
var coaches = ["Tapia", "Nacho"];
var crowdContact = "Vic";
var coachCompany ="Crowd Interactive";
var supervisor = "Katrin";
var livingStyleGuide = ["Haguenburger", "Jen"];
fanxheTeam = [students, coaches,crowdContact, coachCompany, supervisor, mentor, livingStyleGuide];
console.log('We are the FanxheTeam: ' + fanxheTeam + 'We participating in Rails Girls Summer of COde 2015.');
>We are the FanxheTeam: Fany, Anxhe, Tapia, Nacho, Vic, Crowd Interactive, Katrin, Haguenburguer.
We participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015.