var fanxheTeam = {
students: 'Fany', 'Anxhe',
coaches: 'Tapia', 'Nacho',
crowdContact: 'Vic',
coachCompany: 'Crowd Interactive',
supervisor: 'Katrin',
livingStyleGuide: 'Haguenburger', 'Jen',
team: function(){
return 'Fanxhe Team is : ' + this.students + ', ' + this.coaches + ', ' + this.crowdContact + ', ' + this.coachCompany + ', '
+ this.supervisor + ' ' + this.livingStyleGuide + ' ^_^';

First task finished !!!

Jul 17, 2015

In our 13th day, we worked in the same task to yesterday. We had some difficulties to resolve a problem with the hover task because we had to change the code to introduce and show the hint text.

At 11:00 AM we had the standup and we tried to resolve the doubts about the task and about the problems we had

We introduced and changed our javascript code, ruby code, and HTML and CSS code. Today was a really hard day.

We have done more commits and pull-request and…. finally, we could finish our first task!!

This week we learned so much:

-The CSS and SASS properties: visibility,cursor, transparentize, hsla and rgba

-In JavaScript like: Range, Nodes, getElementByClassName, getElementByTagName, querySelector, querySelectorAll, DOM, events, sum of arrays, etc..

-In Ruby: Inject HTML, JavaScript, CSS and SASS blocks in ERB templates

-New git commands.

-A little bit of Rails.

      var students = ["Fany", "Anxhe"]
var coaches = ["Tapia", "Nacho"];
var crowdContact = "Vic";
var coachCompany ="Crowd Interactive";
var supervisor = "Katrin";
var livingStyleGuide = ["Haguenburger", "Jen"];
fanxheTeam = [students, coaches,crowdContact, coachCompany, supervisor, mentor, livingStyleGuide];
console.log('We are the FanxheTeam: ' + fanxheTeam + 'We participating in Rails Girls Summer of COde 2015.');
>We are the FanxheTeam: Fany, Anxhe, Tapia, Nacho, Vic, Crowd Interactive, Katrin, Haguenburguer.
We participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015.