var fanxheTeam = {
students: 'Fany', 'Anxhe',
coaches: 'Tapia', 'Nacho',
crowdContact: 'Vic',
coachCompany: 'Crowd Interactive',
supervisor: 'Katrin',
livingStyleGuide: 'Haguenburger', 'Jen',
team: function(){
return 'Fanxhe Team is : ' + this.students + ', ' + this.coaches + ', ' + this.crowdContact + ', ' + this.coachCompany + ', '
+ this.supervisor + ' ' + this.livingStyleGuide + ' ^_^';

Because learning english is our objective too, Translation DAY… !!!

Aug 4, 2015

We started the day reviewing our mentor’s feedback comments on the pull request that we sent yesterday about the search box task, we have to do some changes in our search functionality, and we were discussing some ideas about how to do so.

We had our standup during the midday, and we planned our priorities as we have a lot of things to do.

Remember that we had finished our first post for the Rails Girls blog, but we needed to translate it to english, and we decided that it was something that we had to do as soon as possible, so we did it.

Later we studied SASS, then we were trying to refactor our blog’s source code with the concepts that we have learned at the SMACSS workshop and our new SASS learnings, this will take us time, but it is a good way of practicing what we learned .

      var students = ["Fany", "Anxhe"]
var coaches = ["Tapia", "Nacho"];
var crowdContact = "Vic";
var coachCompany ="Crowd Interactive";
var supervisor = "Katrin";
var livingStyleGuide = ["Haguenburger", "Jen"];
fanxheTeam = [students, coaches,crowdContact, coachCompany, supervisor, mentor, livingStyleGuide];
console.log('We are the FanxheTeam: ' + fanxheTeam + 'We participating in Rails Girls Summer of COde 2015.');
>We are the FanxheTeam: Fany, Anxhe, Tapia, Nacho, Vic, Crowd Interactive, Katrin, Haguenburguer.
We participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015.