var fanxheTeam = {
students: 'Fany', 'Anxhe',
coaches: 'Tapia', 'Nacho',
crowdContact: 'Vic',
coachCompany: 'Crowd Interactive',
supervisor: 'Katrin',
livingStyleGuide: 'Haguenburger', 'Jen',
team: function(){
return 'Fanxhe Team is : ' + this.students + ', ' + this.coaches + ', ' + this.crowdContact + ', ' + this.coachCompany + ', '
+ this.supervisor + ' ' + this.livingStyleGuide + ' ^_^';

We see the light

Aug 10, 2015

We stared the week with a message from our mentor Nico. He told us that he would be merging our pull request for the copy buttons.

We continued with the search task and we now have some progress. The markdown gem used by Living Style Guide to generate the html document does not allows us to change its structure to group headers and other content elements to ease the search. We believe that we have found the way to solve our problem: we are using ‘nextSibling’ and ‘nextElementSibling’ to display related elements.

Also, we improved our blog and we included our daily logs in it

Finally, today we had our standup at the end of the day

      var students = ["Fany", "Anxhe"]
var coaches = ["Tapia", "Nacho"];
var crowdContact = "Vic";
var coachCompany ="Crowd Interactive";
var supervisor = "Katrin";
var livingStyleGuide = ["Haguenburger", "Jen"];
fanxheTeam = [students, coaches,crowdContact, coachCompany, supervisor, mentor, livingStyleGuide];
console.log('We are the FanxheTeam: ' + fanxheTeam + 'We participating in Rails Girls Summer of COde 2015.');
>We are the FanxheTeam: Fany, Anxhe, Tapia, Nacho, Vic, Crowd Interactive, Katrin, Haguenburguer.
We participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015.