var fanxheTeam = {
students: 'Fany', 'Anxhe',
coaches: 'Tapia', 'Nacho',
crowdContact: 'Vic',
coachCompany: 'Crowd Interactive',
supervisor: 'Katrin',
livingStyleGuide: 'Haguenburger', 'Jen',
team: function(){
return 'Fanxhe Team is : ' + this.students + ', ' + this.coaches + ', ' + this.crowdContact + ', ' + this.coachCompany + ', '
+ this.supervisor + ' ' + this.livingStyleGuide + ' ^_^';

Only one day left =(.

Sep 29, 2015

We have worked in several tasks today. First we solved some details with the live editor, because had a problem with the toggle documentation and challenges divs, so we include a function to show and hide each one and unchecked the input checkbox when you click the other button.

Also, we have tested the filters that we have added previously, but we have some problems that we solved asking our mentor, Nico.

We took some time to write the last post for RGSoC, so we also worked on it and we prepare the “show don’t tell session” we are going to have tomorrow.

Only one day left and we can’t deny that we are a little sad.

      var students = ["Fany", "Anxhe"]
var coaches = ["Tapia", "Nacho"];
var crowdContact = "Vic";
var coachCompany ="Crowd Interactive";
var supervisor = "Katrin";
var livingStyleGuide = ["Haguenburger", "Jen"];
fanxheTeam = [students, coaches,crowdContact, coachCompany, supervisor, mentor, livingStyleGuide];
console.log('We are the FanxheTeam: ' + fanxheTeam + 'We participating in Rails Girls Summer of COde 2015.');
>We are the FanxheTeam: Fany, Anxhe, Tapia, Nacho, Vic, Crowd Interactive, Katrin, Haguenburguer.
We participating in Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015.