> Farewall day...not yet. [30/September/2015]

Today was a day of saying good bye, but it was also a hard working day. We had two tasks pending regarding our work on the Living Style Guide’s gem:

> Only one day left =(. [29/September/2015]

We have worked in several tasks today. First we solved some details with the live editor, because had a problem with the toggle documentation and challenges divs, so we include a function to show and hide each one and unchecked the input checkbox when you click the other button.

> Test...test... [28/September/2015]

Our Monday began working back on LivingStyleGuide’s gem, we decided to finalize one of the past tasks “Show and hide code bocks (tooggle code)” :

> Challenge accepted!. [24/September/2015]

Today, over everything we were working on documentation for the living style guide live editor:

> More features for the live editor [23/September/2015]

First in the morning with had a call with our supervisor Ramon, then we had our stand-up. In the middle of the morning we just received the gifts from Rails Girls and the sponsor.

> New features. [22/September/2015]

Today we had continued working in the Living Style Guide editor adding new features, we think that is important to allow the user to query documentation without losing focus of the editor and being able to type in it at the same time, so we have dedicated part of our day to implement this:
- Add a button to toggle documentation section. - Implement tabs with bootstrap to switch between help topics, in the process we learned how to embed a template within another template in sinatra using

> Closer than ever. [21/September/2015]

In the next days we are going to finish our summer of code participation, we are near to finish our last task. In the morning we had our stand-up, where we talked about the topics to investigate and work today, so we were working to include and implement the ace editor in our live editor. Also, we have investigated and decided how we are going to do the documentation for the editor, and for that we thought in the user usability: -Input checkbox, label and CSS attribute checked. -Bootstrap collapse. Finally, we talked about the content and the structure for our next blog post for RGSoC.

> Super sync day. [18/September/2015]

Today we started our day working on adding more examples to our live editor.

> More progress with the live editor. [17/September/2015]

First in the morning we start with our standup where we talked about the achieves already made, the tasks that we have to do during the day and the improvements we need to do for the live editor.

> More examples. [15/September/2015]

Today we started our day with a standup and we planned our day and we accomplish the following:

> Each time better. [14/September/2015]

Today, we continued working on the live editor to LSG code and we did some progress:

> Happy with week's results. [11/September/2015]

Today in our standup, we discussed about fixing some errors with our javascript code

> A really productive day. [10/September/2015]

We were working in the live editor all day long.

> MEETING DAY [9/September/2015]

Today is Wednesday and this means that has been a day in which we have the call with our supervisor Katrin but in the morning we have received the notice that she is sick :( , and Ramon will be our supervisor until she feels better :) .

> A live editor with sinatra [8/September/2015]

To start the morning we had our stand-up and we defined the tasks to work and clarify doubts about the process to build a living style guide live editor.

> Beginning_app [7/September/2015]

Our week has started with a standup, in which we have done a summary of our progress from the last week.

> Sinatra has taken the stage [4/September/2015]

Our day has been full of studying and doing examples with Sinatra:

> Getting ready for the next task. [3/September/2015]

We started the day with a standup in which we decided that to do the rest of day:

> Study day [2/September/2015]

We have dedicated the day to study different topics that we need to know to do our next task. We studied about :

> Changes for the show and hide task [1/September/2015]

We started the day with our daily standup :) , and we did a plan to tackle the feedback changes for the show and hide code task:

> The last day of August. [31/August/2015]

The new week started reviewing and remembering the tasks that we are currently working. The last Friday we sent a pull request for the toggle code task and we almost finished the navigation menu task.

> Progress day!! [27/August/2015]

After a fun and relax day off, on a pool, we continued our last week day looking forward to complete our dynamic navigation menu code, as we mentioned before we’re trying to make it as a dropdown, to show headlines and sub headlines, etc. Well, we finally were able to build the html structure with ruby, we still need to clean it up and refactor it, we realized we might have went ahead with this idea, but it helped us to practice a complex loop and conditions with ruby, we’ll see if we can improve it and hopefully use it, because right now we’re trying to find the right effect for it, we’re now experimenting with a hover, but before we follow with this further, we are going to ask our mentor for this.

> Another pull request :) [26/August/2015]

We started the day with a call to our supervisor Katrin in which we talked about our latest developments :) :) , then we had a stand-up and we did a plan for the day:

> Progress day!! [25/August/2015]

During the day we were working and investigating about our current two tasks: generate a navigation menu and show and hide code examples.

> Study day and many things to do [24/August/2015]

We started the week working in the sidebar task. Later, we studied Ruby and JavaScript, and we read and investigated to solve some doubt in order to do this task

> Happy_weekend [21/August/2015]

This morning we started our day with our standup, then we shared our findings about our current tasks: show and hide buttons for code examples and generate a navigation bar, and we discussed some ideas about both tasks:

> Research [20/August/2015]

We started the day doing some tests with the code that we had located yesterday. This code is necessary to do one of our next tasks: hide/show code blocks, this feature already existed but it stopped working at some time, we investigated how it works, and how to deal with cookies because we haven’t used them before we made it work using a local server.

> New Task, new learning [19/August/2015]

The day started with our weekly call to our supervisor Katrin, we talked to her about the official RGSoC day-off and the work we have done last week and what we will do in this week.

> New Merges [18/August/2015]

Our day has begun with news from our mentor Nico, he made a new code review for the search bar pull request, and left some feedback, then we started to work.

> Coding Monday [17/August/2015]

We have started the week, with a stand - up remembering what was remaining to do and then we began with it:

> Be happy [14/August/2015]

Today we awoke with news from our mentor Nico, he gave us feedback about our search bar task, then we studied his code suggestions, and we saw everything more clear.

> Halleluhah!!! [13/August/2015]

Yes!! finally, we did it. :)

> Getting closer to finish search [12/August/2015]

The day started with a call to our supervisor Katrin, we told her about what we have been doing to finish the search task, the difficult parts and the parts that are ready. During the day we tried to finish the task and we got closer to finish it.

> Almost there [11/August/2015]

We did more and more work on the search-box task. Everytime time we are near to solve the problem another one appears.

> We see the light [10/August/2015]

We stared the week with a message from our mentor Nico. He told us that he would be merging our pull request for the copy buttons.

> Failed attempt [7/August/2015]

We woke up with our post published in the blog of RGSoC; yes today we had a great awakening.

> A long, long day [6/August/2015]

Our day began reviewing some comments about our post for the RGSoC blog. After that, we corrected these small details. We had the Standup and we discussed the task to do. We are having some difficulties to find the way to show, exactly, what we want:

> Surprise [5/August/2015]

We prepared a surprise … for our introduction Rails Girls Summer of Code blog post. Later, we had the weekly call with our supervisor Katrin, and we explained to her the tasks, activities and the workshop that we attended last week, and we also talked and explained our plans for this week.

> Because learning english is our objective too, Translation DAY… !!! [4/August/2015]

We started the day reviewing our mentor’s feedback comments on the pull request that we sent yesterday about the search box task, we have to do some changes in our search functionality, and we were discussing some ideas about how to do so.

> Third pull-request sent [3/August/2015]

Our week has had a great start, we began of day did a javascript’s course in CodeSchool and some Katas.

> New Task, new learning [31/July/2015]

A new Friday, that started solving the problem that we had with the task about copy code: we could solved the problem and fix the tests, so we did a new commit to our pull-request related to this task.

> Task mixture [30/July/2015]

We had did many differents things today. Firstly, we continued solving some details in our blog with the image and positions. Since we had to attend the CSS and SMACSS course, now we know that we need refactor the CSS code:

> A day full of emotions [29/July/2015]

Wednesday, the day that we talked to our supervisor Katrin, of this way we started our day. We talked with to about all the work that we did the last week, how we feel about having published of our first blog post in our blog, the first post for the Rails Girls Blog and what we want to do and what are we are going to do this week.

> Hard work: we are learning so many things [28/July/2015]

We published our first post yesterday at night, and for that reason we started the day with the daily standup to define and clarify the details to correct in our blog, and we determined in what we should be working today. After, we wrote some emails to the Living Style Guide’s Media and Content Chief, she gave us feedback about our first post.

> The publication of our first blog-post [27/July/2015]

The week has begun with a standup, in which the members of the team agreed on what we would spend our day, and we decided to use part of the day to solve some responsiveness problems and prepare our Jekyll blog to publish the blog post that we wrote the last week.

> Buttons everywhere [24/July/2015]

Yes, today has been full of buttons everywhere. In the morning, we began with the new task to add buttons in the code examples so we can copy the code appearing in JavaScript, Coffe-Script, J-query, HTML and HAML.

> The first Merge for the team. [23/July/2015]

Today was a great and tiring day. We started our day with the notice of the merge of our first task and this is included in the new version of the gem

> Sync Day :) :) [22/July/2015]

To start the day, we had a call with our supervisor Katrin - K, she congratulated us for our work, and we are very happy to see our work reflected. We also continued with our standup and made plans about the tasks that we would work on. Before lunch, we investigated about next tasks and we wrote down questions to our mentor and later we continued studying a course of CodeSchool. In the afternoon, our team had a call with our mentor Nico Hagenburger and he communicated us that our work was well, and we talked about our next objective.

> A day of learnings [21/July/2015]

The day has started with tests of our code in internet explorer , we tested that the help text for copying doesn’t appear if browser doesn’t support the copy functionality, and we did it. =) When we finished it, our team had standup, and we defined the new tasks for today. After, we updated our pull-request description in GitHub, and we wrote to our mentor to communicate him that we finished the task and we had the pull-request ready for another review.

> Begin of the week [20/July/2015]

We have begun our day with a standup, in it we talked about the feedback that our mentor gave us and we did a task plan.

> First task finished !!! [17/July/2015]

In our 13th day, we worked in the same task to yesterday. We had some difficulties to resolve a problem with the hover task because we had to change the code to introduce and show the hint text.

> Hovers everywhere =) [16/July/2015]

Our day started working in the hover effect for the color swatch examples, which is the visual part of our first task.

> Hard but happy day [15/July/2015]

We started our day with the call to our supervisor Katrin. After, we continued with the task about the copy buttons, we needed to add a small change in the code.

> The day that we did our first commit! [14/July/2015]

We started the day with our standup and today, we talked about the gem and the task to add copy buttons to colors. Yesterday, while we were testing we had doubts about if we are going to apply the copy button to the color variable, the hexadecimal color code or both. We asked our mentor Nico, to solve this question before continue.

> Happy beer...:P birthday Steffi. [13/July/2015]

Our day started reading an article about copy commands, because we are going to do the task to add copy buttons for the color examples in living style guides.

> Today is Fryday and the body knows . [10/July/2015]

Our day have begun with a standup, after that we read more documentation about livingstyleguide gem’s and also we played with it.

> A productive day . [9/July/2015]

We have begun the day with our daily standup and we did the plan for the rest day.

> Difficult day with happy end. [8/July/2015]

We started the day finishing some details of our blog to publish it. But, we had some problems with the computer we’re using =/ but… our coaches solved the problem.

> A new day: the fourth day [6/July/2015]

We started the fourth day in Rails Girls SoC =)

> Gem's and style day. [2/July/2015]

We started our day by having a daily standup, we talked about what we did yesterday and what we will be doing today.

> The first day. [1/July/2015]